2 comments on “5 Marketing Mistakes Restaurant Owners Make

  1. I have been in the hospitality business for over 30+ years as a server, bartender and restaurant and nightclub management. It still amazes me how many restaurant/bar owners just don’t get it. Particularly where social marketing is concerned. It’s FREE people! It doesn’t cut into your budget and unless you live in Nowheresville there is probably a healthy social media community in your area. Use it. Tale the time to learn about it just like you took the time to learn about other aspects of your business. If you don’t want to do it have an employee maintain your online presence. I have used it to promote events, specials, advertise menu items. thank employees, thank customers and for many more reasons. One of the keys to using social media is to realize that you don’t want to sound like you are selling something all the time. Mention employees who went above and beyond, had a baby, a birthday or anything to make it more personal. The social media world is your oyster.
    Also about branding, why on earth would someone not take the time to brand themselves. How many times do you see a business with a crappy sign and a nondescript image? Makes me crazy. I am no longer in “the business” and I now have my one graphic design business so this stuff really gets me. In every business that I have helped conceptualize branding was first and foremost. A recognizable image is extremely important unless you like being known as ” that place up on 10th, you know next to the pet store. I don’t know there name but their egg salad is pretty good.” Thanks for a great article and I hope those in need….read.

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